Our movement relies on ethics, civil and human codes that we apply as the navigation criteria to our approach. An approach that defies the trend of simplification, but fosters simplicity as a basic criterion for good design. We find solutions from within systems, thereby making them fun to implement and sustainable.

The Who –

As a group from all walks of life who want to change our environment as best we can, we strive to create spaces where we, as human beings, love to be. We see ourselves as facilitators and guides for the creation of environments that leverages value based, private or corporate – society – environment partnerships as the core of its activities.

The What –

We strive to create an organisation that assimilates, defines and promotes criteria for conscious capitalism as an umbrella organisation under which promotion of new companies, consulting existing companies and promoting the seal of conscious capitalism and its criteria are aggregated.

Sysprac already is an organisation that breaks the current system of RoE, resource gathering and profit maximisation at the cost of the society and the environment. Sysprac is based on practicing in systems and changing the practices in systems. It is a platform for the promotion of companies and start-up enterprises that endorse the values. With activities that promote the methods and catalogue of criteria itself. As a consultancy and mentor of companies that wish to move to sustainable business models.

The criteria catalogue encompasses values and methods in the areas of entrepreneurship, management, economics, organisational structure, decision making, change, interaction within and without the company, markets, products and competition. It influences processes and principles in vision and leadership, transparency, organisation, target setting, evaluation, feedback, remuneration and partnerships.

The Why –

The awareness in the public as well as private sectors for a transformation to an environment that fosters the private or corporate – society – environment partnership is on the rise however, the means of where to begin and how-to-do are very unclear and at times frustrating. Sysprac fills that gap with a transformation method that is based on an evolutionary, systems oriented and non-disruptive foundation.

In the corporate sector the pressures from the market, investors and cost control make most moves to sustainable modus operandi a window dressing exercise since the believe in the value of a working corporate – employee/society – environment partnership is not seen. This even though it has become obvious that to keep a company competitive with innovation, agility as well as in a positive public perception is an imperative of our time. Beyond the belief, the question of how to set about the change from current to value based organisational systems is the main hindrance for a transformational process.

We are entering a time where to do something that matters has become a wish for many people. Organisations that provide that element have a much better employee engagement, social responsibility at the same time increasing their agility, innovative energy and effectivity.

The How –

Follow our blog, write to us, speak with us and find your very own path.