What are we, without our memories?
The Listening to Time project and Timetales App


Knowing ones history is the key to keeping the good and not repeating the bad. At Listening to Time, we record oral history and make it accessible through our App called TimeTales.
Alongside history in classrooms, books and museums, we are fascinated by people’s stories and eyewitness accounts, told in their own voices and in their own words.

We talk to people and record their stories, but we also encourage you to talk to people, record their stories and send them to us.

Memories are often linked to the places where they happened. With the help of the Timetales App and GPS on smart phones, we make these memories accessible on your phone as you visit the areas linked to the stories.

This allows you to listen to the stories of people who have lived in an area as you explore it. We believe that this will add considerable value to your experience of the place.

For example as you walk down Turm Street in Moabit, Berlin you can listen to Ilse narrating the story of how her family was divided in 1959, when the Berlin Wall came up.

We also record stories of businesses, restaurants and hotels in an area and make them accessible through the App. So you could listen to the story behind the making of the Restaurant Venite in Fountanhas, Goa and learn how their recipes were developed.

Our goal is to collect a large number and variety of stories and eyewitness accounts in a short time and make them available on the Timetales App. We hope this website will encourage you to contribute your stories and we can grow together.